Giving Tuesday: Help us Build the Museum

A sketch of what the new entrance to the Heart of America museum would look like.

Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? It is one of the several string of days that have been created to follow Black Friday. Black Friday, as you probably know, is a day many businesses have major sales for their customers. The following business day is Cyber Monday, which is kind of like Black Friday for on-line companies. Finally, Giving Tuesday follows Cyber Monday. It is designed for people to give back to the community by supporting non—profit organizations. As with any charitable donations, it is completely voluntary, but in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we would like to let you know about a significant project at Heart of America Science Resource Center.

If you have been to our location in Haviland, KS, you have probably noticed that the entrance to our building is on the end. It leads directly into our multipurpose lab room. We have plans underway for a much grander entrance. It will be located on the side, facing oncoming highway traffic from the East. The entrance will be much more visible and exciting. Moreover, it will lead into the Ice Age Room, a room that will display Ice Age fossils and a mural depicting life in the Ice Age. Do you know how the Ice Age fits into the Biblical timeline of history? This room will help explain that to visitors.

As exciting as the new entrance is, there is a lot more work yet to be done. We need to install new siding around the door, repair the concrete leading to the entrance, and purchase and install glass double doors. All of this will require much work and financial support. Our goal to complete the major installations needed for this new entrance is $7,000. That is why we are asking for donations to Heart of America starting now until Giving Tuesday, which is on December 3 of this year. Donations can be made through our website, which can be easily accessed through our About page on Facebook. Please help us reach our goal so that we may make our museum more attractive and better equipped to tell the public about the true history of the world and the Biblical perspective of science.

From Steven King.

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