Creationists and Evolutionists can Agree on Things

As creationists, it is not surprising that we stand opposed to evolution. After all, these two ideologies are diametrically opposed to one another. Creationists believe that the earth is around 6,000 years old, evolutionists believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Creationists believe that creatures were created according to distinct groups, evolutionists believe that all living things are descended from a common ancestor. Creationists believe that the original world God created was very good with no death of animals or humans, evolutionists believe that death is a natural part of life.

The list can go on and on. We are so diametrically opposed on so many important issues, we should just automatically be suspicious of evolutionists and their ideas, right?

Well, not quite. I would wholeheartedly say that if an evolutionists speaks on any of the topics mentioned above, or on any topic related to those issues, then we should reject and oppose them, as they run contrary to the truth of God’s Word. However, I think we must be careful not to be too zealous to reject the ideas of evolutionists out of hand. When I was young, I used to think that, if an evolutionists said it, it must be wrong. I have talked with some people who have rejected certain ideas simply because certain scientists supported them. Such an utter rejection of everything an evolutionists says is closed-minded. Instead, we should evaluated their claims based on their own merit.

To reiterate, I am not suggesting that we reconsider the fundamentals of creationism. If a claim is made that is contrary to the historical record of Genesis, that must be rejected. However, there is so much in the world, so much unknown, so much that can be objectively observed, hypothesized, and tested, that there is actually much that evolutionists and creationist can agree upon.

There are other creationists who have made a similar point, and rather than simply repeating what has been said, let me refer you to an article on Answers in Genesis’s website. It is written by John UpChurch, and it is titled, “Surprising Similarities Between Creation & Evolution.” He gives several examples of things that we all agree upon, so check out his article to remind ourselves that, while we may be opposed to them in many ways, evolutionists can and have reached similar ideas as we have. A link to John UpChurch’s article is given below.

Thoughts from Steven

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