Genesis Outside of Genesis

If you are familiar with creationism and its defense, then you have probably heard that Genesis is often quoted in the rest of the Bible. Do you know what these passages are? I will confess, I only knew a handful of them. So, I decided to rectify that problem by actively searching for verses in books of the Bible outside of Genesis that specifically reference Genesis 1-11. The result is the attached document.

I have decided to make this an attached document because it got pretty long (15 pages). It would be a long post to read, so if it is a document that can be downloaded, it will be more convenient to read at your leisure. Also, I do not claim that my search was comprehensive: there are likely other passages that also references Genesis 1-11. However, this document is at least a start.

Anyway, here’s the document. I hope you find it fruitful.

Thoughts from Steven

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