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Read about the many activities you can choose from! Follow our Facebook page to get notifications of our scheduled activities. You can also check out our regularly updated events page. Have a group interested in one of these activities? Do you have a future scientist whose birthday is coming up? We can help you plan it! Give us a call: (620) 862-5654.

Field Excursions:

Great Salt Plains (near Cherokee, OK)   6-7 hours: Learn the amazing story of the hourglass selenite crystals.  Discover how to find them, dig them for yourself, and take specimens home with you as souvenirs.

Heft Gravel Quarry (near Haviland, KS)   2-3 hours     Explore a real gravel quarry and learn about the gravels found in Kansas.  Where did they come from, and what story do they tell us about the Flood and post-flood Ice Age?

Metal Detecting (variety of locations near Haviland, KS)   2-3 hours     Learn the scientific principles by which metal detectors work, how to use them, and how to take care of them.  Practice in the field.

Hands on Activities:

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