Losing a Missing Link: What is its Significance?

The fossil of Tetrapodophis. Note its small size and tiny bones. Image from Caldwell et al. (2021) (see notes 2 and 5 below for full citation). In 2015, a new fossil creature, Tetrapodophis, was named and described. "Tetrapodophis" literally means, "four-legged snake" ("tetra" means four, "poda" means leg, and "ophis" means snake), which is exactly… Continue reading Losing a Missing Link: What is its Significance?

Humans as Creators

We are getting there, but if we want to know what separates humans from animals, we ultimately have to see what the scriptures say. Last post, we talked about animals and their tool making abilities. While tool use used to be considered a trait that distinguishes humans from animals, the ability of animals to use… Continue reading Humans as Creators

Facing School Dictates

By now, you have probably heard about Attorney General Merrick Garland's memo, wherein he called on the FBI to address violence against schools and teachers. The context of this memo is that many parents have attended school board meetings across the country to voice their displeasure about current issues facing schools, topics such as mask… Continue reading Facing School Dictates