Facing School Dictates

By now, you have probably heard about Attorney General Merrick Garland's memo, wherein he called on the FBI to address violence against schools and teachers. The context of this memo is that many parents have attended school board meetings across the country to voice their displeasure about current issues facing schools, topics such as mask… Continue reading Facing School Dictates

Science Camp Videos

Last weekend (October 1 and October 2), my wife and I did a science camp at New Hope Bible Church in Wichita, Kansas. It was a lot of fun: we did some hands-on activities with the kids and with families, had specimens to show, and most of all, talk about geology from a Biblical perspective.… Continue reading Science Camp Videos

Making Pi

What is this image? A fancy pinwheel? A pie cut into eight pieces? Actually, it is used to derive the value of pi (the number, not the pastry) I wrote an article about deriving the value of the number pi. Unfortunately, the format I used cannot be easily copied and pasted, so the article is… Continue reading Making Pi

The Platypus, Part 2

Skeleton of a platypus as seen from the underside. It is not mentioned in the text, but note how the rib cage is separate from the hips. That shows that the platypus has a diaphragm, a structure that is unique to mammals. Image modified from Griffiths, Mervyn (1988) "The Platypus" Scientific American 258(5): 84-91. To… Continue reading The Platypus, Part 2