How Many Crabs are There?

Recently, the internet has become enamored with carcinization. Apparently, a research article exploring carcinization was published in 2017i, but a few popular articles ran about it in late 2020.ii Carcinization has become so popular that “everything becomes a crab” has become its own meme. What exactly is carcinization? It is the development of a crab-like… Continue reading How Many Crabs are There?

Another Ownership Dispute over a Dinosaur Fossil

A short while ago, I talked about Stan and how fossil specimens can be lost or left in limbo depending on ownership of the fossil. Don't think that those types of problems are unique to the world of commercial paleontology, because they are not. There is a recent case involving a small fossil dinosaur named… Continue reading Another Ownership Dispute over a Dinosaur Fossil