Chameleons: Amazing Lizards

Meller's Chameleon, the largest lizard from continental Africa (there are large chameleons in Madagascar). Chameleons are extraordinary lizards. These arboreal insectivores (tree-living insect eating animals) are also fairly familiar lizards, that appear as pets, in movies, shows, and books, plus they are famous for a couple of traits. It turns out, however, that chameleons are… Continue reading Chameleons: Amazing Lizards

A Little Bit About Turkeys

As we end the Thanksgiving weekend and start moving into Christmas, let us reflect a moment on the humble turkey. We mostly know of turkey as standard holiday fare and less as an actual bird (unless you live on or grew up on a farm, in which case turkeys probably represent chores). How did this… Continue reading A Little Bit About Turkeys

The Ice Age

In the last post, I mentioned the Ice Age Room at Heart of America's museum. I thought that I would talk a little bit about the Ice Age. Like many past events in history, the Ice Age is often associated with deep time and long ages. It is the most recent event, being the last… Continue reading The Ice Age

The Chrysalis

Have you ever gone through a period in your life that was confusing, when you didn't know what God was doing or why God was working in your life the way He was? We may be able to gain some insight and encouragement by looking at the chrysalis, the intermediate stage between the caterpillar and… Continue reading The Chrysalis

Alien Life?

I read an article recently by David Weintraub titled “How Will Our Religions Handle the Discovery of Alien Life?”i While it is tempting to delve right into that question and try to answer, “How would (or how should) Christians handle the discovery of alien life?”, I am going to do something different. I am going… Continue reading Alien Life?


What does the word “scientific” mean? Clearly, “scientific” is derived from “science,” and the latter can be defined as a process for testing and evaluating hypotheses through controlled experiments that can be verified or copied by others. To put it in really simple terms, something is scientific if it is testable and repeatable. While testability… Continue reading Scientific?