The Tooth Whorl of a Strange Shark

A typical tooth whorl of Helicoprion. For a long time, these strange whorls were the only thing known about them. Take a look at the fossil in the picture above. This is a fossil of Helicoprion. Can you tell what it is? If not, that is okay. When it was first described in 1899, Helicoprion… Continue reading The Tooth Whorl of a Strange Shark

Light as a Particle

A radiometer in action. The radiometer is the bulb on the right. Note that the bulb is sealed: nothing material, including air, can get into the bulb. That means that the only thing that can get into the bulb and cause the fins to spin is light. You may be aware that light behaves both… Continue reading Light as a Particle

The Ice Age

In the last post, I mentioned the Ice Age Room at Heart of America's museum. I thought that I would talk a little bit about the Ice Age. Like many past events in history, the Ice Age is often associated with deep time and long ages. It is the most recent event, being the last… Continue reading The Ice Age