Mitchem Conference Room

This room, which comfortably holds 60 people, honors Miriam and Leonard Mitchem for their faith and dedication to teaching about the Lord’s creation. Inspiring education occurs here during conferences, movie nights, day camps, and other gatherings that build the faith of the attendees and help participants to become brighter lights for the Lord. Two popular attractions in this room, “Tiffany,” a 3-foot-long Triceratops robot and “Dino,” a 7-foot-tall T-Rex sculpture crafted of polished wood, bring attention to the astounding discovery of soft tissue that has recently been found in dinosaur bones. A collection of iron pyrite (fool’s gold) crystals which are found as naturally occurring perfect cubes is displayed along one wall, while a large array of framed photos with accompanying Scripture verses highlights the attributes of God seen in “His Nature” on another. Truly, we are all without excuse if we don’t believe in God because of what He has revealed of Himself through His astounding creation!

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