Ice Age Room

Upon entering the ICE AGE mural cave room, you will be awestruck by not only the ceiling but also the colorful 8 foot tall by 41-foot-long wall mural by author, artist, paleontologist Joe Taylor of Crosbyton, TX. Then looking at the floor displays at the base of the mural you will see display pieces depicting the stone tools and resources that have been used for millennia by people. But that is not all to this amazing room: there is the ICE AGE Discovery room affixed to a section
of the big cave room. In this discovery room you will find many displays depicting the animals and the people who lived alongside the animals during the ICE AGE. The evidence is becoming very clear as to the technology of the Ice Age people and the often-huge animals that they hunted of utilized for varying purposes. As you might expect you will find mammoth bones, tusks that you can touch, bison bones (some of incredible size), camel bones found in Kiowa County, KS, and a whopping 25 lb. mammoth tooth—1 tooth!!! Another star item in this room is the center display that house and tells the story of the December 19th ,2021 discovery and excavation of a complete Mammoth tibia bone that shows the spongy bone marrow structure inside the bone. This discovery made the news in local newspapers and one TV station in Wichita, KS that was viewed in the surrounding states. Come see the KS ICE AGE displays we have prepared for you and your group or family!!! Come hear us share with you the biblical perspective of how the ICE AGE occurred and where it is found in the Bible. So you all come!!!

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