Meet the Instructors

Dr. Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons (DocRock) holds an earned doctorate in MultiCultural Childhood Science Education from the University of New Mexico. Jerry has taught science at the high school and mid-school levels for sixteen years and at the college level for twenty years, as well as groups of all ages, both in the classroom and in the field.  Dr. Simmons has extensive knowledge of the natural sciences, especially in the fields of general geology, paleontology, and archaeology.  He and his wife Linda live in Haviland, KS where he is full-time curator of the Heart of America museum. Jerry and Linda have three grown children and seven grandchildren.

Stan Bryant

Stan Bryant was raised on a farm near Burdett in Pawnee County, Kansas.  He graduated from Pawnee Heights High School in 1968 and received an AA degree from St. Johns Lutheran College in Winfield, Kansas in 1970.  The next year he transferred to Biola College in La Mirada, California and pursued a Christian Education degree for two semesters.  Later he graduated from Rawhide Vocational College in California with training for western ranch youth camps.  He then moved back to Kansas and farmed for 10 years with his father.  Stan has been pastoring Rozel Christian Fellowship from 1985 to the present.  He also drove a school bus for 28 years.  He teaches hunter safety and has an outdoor sporting Christian Youth Group.  Stan is currently president of the board for Heart of America Science Resource Center in Haviland, Ks.  He met Susan at St. Johns College and was married in 1973.  They have two married daughters one living in Texas and one in Montana and 6 grandchildren.  God led Stan to start a Creation Science Ministry about 19 years ago because widespread evolutionary teaching causes people to doubt their Christian faith.

Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson was born in Stafford, Kansas and grew up in western Kansas and has resided in Hutchinson, Kansas, since her marriage to Michael Jackson in 1975. She graduated from Bethel College (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) with B.S.; M.S. from Emporia State University (Gifted education in Science); Ed.S. (Chemistry and Curriculum) from Pensacola College; and Ph.D. from Newburg Theological Seminary (Christian Education). Robin began her career as an analytical chemist in private laboratories in Q & A as well as research for several corporations and then worked as a consultant to the industry while holding the position of Senior Analytical Chemist and being a referee chemist for American Oil Chemist Society. Robin has been past chair and serves on the executive committee for local section of the American Chemical Society. Currently, Robin is a retired Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair of the Natural Science/Mathematics Department at Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas. She is adjuncting college courses and teaching high-school science in a home-school cooperative. Michael and Robin are parents to three grown children and their spouses and 2 grandchildren. Robin entered the academic world to ensure that science teaching was about science and not rhetoric-to clearly distinguish between historical and empirical/observational science.

Steven King

Steven King was born in San Jose, California. When he was fifteen, his family moved to Haysville, Kansas. Steven was homeschooled throughout grade school and high school. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Geology from Wichita State University and a Master’s Degree in Vertebrate Paleontology from Bowling Green State University. Since that time, he has taught at the college level, first at Cowley College where he taught biology and then at Barclay College, where he teaches science and math. He also worked as a curator at the Museum of World Treasures. He is married to Micaela King and they have four children and they live in Haviland, KS.

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