Leininger Multipurpose Lab

This room is the heart of the museum’s activities. James Leininger, science professor at Barclay College for years, was an inspiration to many for his joy and knowledge of both science and the Bible. This room is designed for self-guided tours or classroom-type lab activities in which large or small groups move through 20 stations highlighting key topics in Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. These displays and hands-on activities emphasize the biblical perspective of God’s creation that is very often ignored in secular museums, such as the incredible patterns and complexity found in nature, the intricate design seen in fossils, and the intriguing, unseen laws and forces that God has placed in the world around us. Favorite activities include viewing bird feathers under a microscope, digging and identifying seashells, exploring a tub of Noah’s Ark animals, completing mineral and fossil matching games, and discovering the laws of motion with a Newton’s Cradle and a bicycle wheel gyroscope. This is a busy, hands-on science activity room that can beenjoyed by everyone. Come experience it as a family, a group, or a class!

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